Friday, January 2, 2015

Brookside reopened, under new management

So Brookside was cleaned up a little, a coat of paint, and then it has been reopened for the male clients.
See this posting for more information
Hopefully it will stay there for some time yet.
One nice outcome is that a few of the men offered to help at Finnies Garden, which is just great.

Going full circle at Finnies Garden, "A good thing" as Martha would say.

Leeside is being used by the Sheriffs, which is beside their fenced in vehicle compound.
And Roadside is still being used by the grounds security.

Eventually I will go and see if I can get some contact info and post it for the masses.

It is being run by Coast Mental Health  who have this photo-op on their website, but little else, actually the website was in disarray, and numerous 404 errors when I visited.  Could not even contact them !!!!

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