Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The three sides

 Update: At this time only Roadside is being used, by the security company, and the parking lot between Brookside and Leeside has been fenced by the Sheriffs service, to store their vehicles. Not sure if the shreiff's are using one of the building, their use of the buildings seems to evolve constantly.

The three buildings, are slowly deteriorating through planned neglect. ( There is really four sides, but Hillside was especially built for patients in 1965-6 ).
A little maintenance was done on some of the rotten wooden outside stairs on Brookside a few months ago. I have to make an effort to get some decent pictures of these buildings, it is difficult since they are still in use, and the residents, staff and weather always seem to get in the way. All three were built in 1948, for use as Nurses quarters; at that time there were;
18 Registered Nurses,(R.N.), 44 Psychiatric graduates, and 192 Nurses in-training.
Very high turnover with 229 resignations, and 240 replacements.
The Hospital was overcrowded, and new therapies were starting to be used.
First unit was occupied on August 1, 1948

Roadside: 1,949.62 Sq M. floor space. Used by the Dentist, and
Grounds security,( Paladin Security 778-889-2243 or 778-889-2253 )

The Adult Tertiary Psychiatry, Rehabilitation Services are located at Hillside, Leeside, and Brookside visiting times are flexible, but are normally from 9:00 am to 8:30 pm daily.

Leeside: 1,949.62 Sq.M. floor space. Was used as a patients residence. 524-7599 / 524-7588

Brookside: 1,844.20 Sq.M. floor space. Was used as a patients residence. 524-7584 / 524-7348

Hillside: 524-7096 / 524-7391 Patients phone 524-6051

Hospital Main Switchboard: 524-7000

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